Benefits Of Using A Best Laptop Brand Computer

Having an own laptop or a desktop computer is very necessary in today’s world. Whether it be a student or a businessman, it plays a major role in each person’s life. But before owning a laptop, you need to know that you should have the best laptop as there are various benefits of using a re-known brand laptop. Although the cost of a branded laptop is high, you should never endure it just because of the price because there are various features and facilities which you cannot gain in a standard laptop.


Basically, we have seen many people who are totally addicted to brands and good qualities. They cannot think about a material which is not a branded one. The reason behind that addiction is nothing but comfortability and durability. In this article, you will collect information on benefits of owning a best laptop brand computer.


  • Availability of customer service at every corner of the world

The major problems which are faced by most of the users are nothing but best customer service. Whenever we purchase a material or accessories, the only reason we invest more for the product is that of its durability. But even though after great care and concern, sometimes we have to face some damage or any problem within the accessories. During that time the only thing which we search for is nothing but for its customer service. If the product or the accessory is of an unknown brand or not that familiar then it is very difficult to find their customer service center. As you cannot waste time on searching and waiting for the result we tend to spend double rate and repair it with a professional engineer. Purchasing an unfamiliar brand laptop can cause more flow of money on it even though you have purchased it for the lower rate.

Compared to that situation, it is ideal to have a best laptop brand computer as most of the re-known brands have their own customer centers at every corner of the world which will surely help to solve your problem easily within less period of time. So, it is considered as one of the major reason behind owning the best laptop brand.

  • Performance

Compared to a normal computer or a standard laptop, the performance of a branded laptop is best. The reason is nothing but it provides you with high GB RAM, internal space, etc. which makes your laptop to access more easily and conveniently without any stuck. You can simply access your laptop by opening many tabs at a single time without even getting slow.

  • Multitasking

There are various reasons to own a laptop. But most of the laptop face difficulty in completing your task whenever you wish to have. For instance, a laptop is used for multitasking like editing videos or photos with the help of software, for playing games, watching movies, surfing, to save your documents and files, etc. All of them which are mentioned are the common and basic needs of a laptop user which finds very difficult to access on many standard laptops. To enjoy and complete all your task successfully, you need to have the best laptop brand as it will never make you down when you need them.

  • Processor

The processor provided by the best laptop brand is the newer version and helps their users to enjoy and complete their task more easily and comfortably which a standard computer cannot do. Although the rate of the newer version laptops is expensive, it is sure that you don’t need to face any difficulty or problem continuously which a standard laptop users face frequently. The money spent on the best laptop brand is like investing in an asset which will be durable and efficient. Instead of paying less at first and suffering from an older version, it is beneficial to own the best laptop which provides you the facility of the newer version.


The reason behind a well-known brand is nothing but is good customer service and the quality of the product. So, while purchasing the best brand you can trust the quality of the product blindly because without the good service and quality no brand can reach the top position.…

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VMware warns away ATI users from installing Mac OS X 10.5.7


VMware, makers of Fusion, has warned their users away from installing Mac OS X 10.5.7 if they have a Mac using an ATI graphics card or chip.

Fusion enables Intel-based Macs to operate other operating systems like Windows and Linux without having to be rebooted first. The “virtualization” software is a popular alternative to Boot Camp and Parallels Desktop.


The message, posted to the “Team Fusion” blog on the VMware Web site, states that Mac OS X 10.5.7, released Tuesday, will break the 3D graphics acceleration feature supported by Fusion — it enables gamers and others running 3D software to use their products in a Fusion virtualized environment.

“You will likely see issues ranging from slow performance, to incorrect rendering, and even crashes, when you run your 3D applications in a Windows virtual machine on Mac OS X 10.5.7,” reads the blog.


“Both Apple and ATI are aware of this problem and are working to correct it in a future software update. In the meantime, if you have an ATI graphics card in your Mac and need VMware Fusion’s 3D features to work, we recommend that you do not upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5.7,” the entry concludes.…

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Publishers hit Kindle Text-to-Speech kill-switch

Amazon have begun to implement a remote kill-switch that removes text-to-speech functionality from their Kindle ebook reader.  A byproduct of the Author’s Guild TTS controversy, the system allows publishers to disable text-to-speech on a title by title basis; as of this week, TTS has been removed from over 40 works including five of the top ten Random House best-sellers in the Kindle store.

The argument from the Author’s Guild is that, by artificially reading out any ebook, Amazon are impinging on audio-book rights that the copyright for Kindle texts does not cover.  Amazon, meanwhile, maintain that it is a legal use of the texts, but implemented the kill-switch nonetheless to make rightsholders ”more comfortable”.

As Slashdot raises, Amazon has not made clear what other flags might be present in its Kindle format.  While currently the Kindle DRM is known to prevent loading of the file onto non-Amazon ebook reader devices, and now to allow remote switch-off of TTS; it’s possible that it could also only allow certain texts to be read once, or in certain orders.…

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Google Calendar Integrates Tasks

Google Calendar went and made it official overnight, integrating the tasks list already present in a Gmail gadget, on mobile phones, and elsewhere into Google Calendar, both as a sidebar and a separate calendar.

Log into a Google Calendar account and you’ll notice a new “Tasks” list under the left-hand top links, which opens up the tasks sidebar that should be familiar to users of the Gmail Labs Tasks feature. It’s got the same basic indenting, deadline-setting, and basic sorting powers as the stand-alone and Gmail sidebar versions, which makes it a handy choice for those who live their digital lives inside Google’s primary information apps.

You can create a new date-specific task by clicking on an empty date in the Month or All Day views and switching the top link over to “Task.” Any task you set to particular deadline will show up in that day’s agenda, which somewhat completes the feedback loop. It’s still not quite a replacement for high-powered, contextually-driven to-do apps like Remember the Milk, but for the crowd that can get by just fine with simple text files or pens and paper, we have to imagine some basic email/calendar-integrated tasks are a fine little upgrade. For a full screenshot tour and detailed user tips, the Google Operating System blog is, as always, on the scene.…

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EU Fines Intel $1.44 Billion in Antitrust Case

The European Commission Wednesday found Intel guilty of antitrust violations in the market for PC microprocessors and fined it $1.44 billion.

Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes said that the antitrust action is primarily designed to protect consumers. “Intel has harmed millions of EU consumers,” she said, adding that the large fine meted out should “therefore come as no surprise”.

The main antitrust abuses involved paying rebates to system manufacturers and to Europe’s largest IT retailer, Media Markt, in order to shut out Intel’s closest rival, AMD. Although the rebates resulted in a reduction in retail prices, Kroes said that the harm to consumers stems from their not getting the choice of computers that they would have if AMD wasn’t suppressed.

The Commission will monitor Intel’s compliance with the ruling. Unlike in the Microsoft case, where it appointed a monitoring trustee, the Commission will do the job itself, said officials in the antitrust group.

Intel plans to appeal the ruling and takes “strong exception” to the Commission’s decision, Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini said in a statement, saying the decision is “wrong and ignores the reality of a highly competitive microprocessor market.”

“There has been absolutely zero harm to consumers,” Otellini said.

The $1.44 billion fine is the largest antitrust penalty the Commission has ever levied against a single company. The size of the fine was calculated taking into consideration the duration of the antitrust abuse, the severity of the actions, and any mitigating circumstances the company could offer. Antitrust officials said that there were no mitigating circumstances in this case.

The fine dwarfs that against Microsoft which was fined $723 million for abusing its dominant position in the software market, plus an additional $1.3 billion for failing to respect the antitrust ruling.

The Commission investigation centered around charges that Intel illegally gave rebates to computer manufacturers in return for them buying the bulk of their x86 microprocessors from Intel.…

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WWDC Keynote Monday, June 8th 10AM: As Expected, No Steve Jobs

Apple’s WWDC Keynote will happen on Monday, June 8th, at 10 am. Phil Schiller will be presenting, as he has the last two Apple events. It’s tempting to start asking, “Where’s Steve?”, because it’s June. Don’t.

Somewhere along the way, people worked the question into their mind that it was a possibility that Steve Jobs would speak at the keynote. This has never been stated as a possibility. Twice, Apple and Jobs himself have confirmed that he would return after WWDC, which occurs in early June.

When Steve Jobs stepped down in January to focus on his health, he said, in a letter to the community, “I have decided to take a medical leave of absence until the end of June.”

More recently Apple’s interim CEO, long time COO magician Tim Cook, carefully reiterated during the Q1 earnings call, “We look forward to Steve returning to Apple at the end of June.”

Not that he hasn’t been busy. The WSJ reports that Jobs has been moving behind the scenes, specifically, that he “regularly reviews products and product plans”.…

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